Admissions open for AY 2023-24 sessions for Residential, Sports, JEE/NEET Academy and Defence Academy from Grade I - XII (Science and Commerce).

Fort International Academy

CBSE Affiliated Senior Secondary School. Affiliation No - 1130098

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Digital Classrooms

The world of education has been constantly evolving and the use of technology in education is one of the biggest innovation which has redefined the scope of learning. FIA is backed by the amazing benefits of technology in the form of digital classrooms. The subjects taught are understood better with the help of enhanced teaching methodologies. Digital classroom demonstrate the impact of using technology on different part of the learning process. A digital learning object is a resource that can be used and re-used to support learning. FIA offers a new conceptualization of digital learning in a unique and engrossing way. Another advantage of these classrooms is the potential to cone with the far away students. The modifications can be disseminated more efficiently than traditional lectures. Students become more proficient with the technology. Hence, it helps students learn more and retain better.


Learning through the scientific method teaches students the evidence needed for the most complete knowledge. Comprehensive labs motivate students, how to develop ideas, discover the world around them, and ask challenging questions about ourselves in the fast growing world. Students get benefited greatly from consistent follow ups. This becomes much more feasible and enjoyable to have a separate classroom as a dedicated science lab space. Doing experiments in a science lab fosters independent learning, as well as interdependence and peer learning through working with lab partners. High school chemistry and biology labs are advanced enough that they really do need to be taught with their own special skills.


FIA provides a school library for students which is a crucial part of their growth. Students need to find solace in a reserved area to study at their own pace while enjoying the spare time. It’s a wonderful place to encourage reading and studying during their downtime. When a student is facing any kind of problem, there is a chance that they need help to catch up again. A school library is a great chance to provide a tutoring space for struggling students. Comfortable learning gives space to a student and teacher an opportunity for one-two-one interaction. FIA allows students a study place to meet up and study complex material. Over time, this quiet and relaxing environment can help students with their overall grades and improve their self-studying skills. Spending time in a school library helps children develop life-long skills they can apply to any situation. For example, they can continuously challenge their reading skills and take the time to learn new words eventually.


These activities are an essential part of school life and it’s balanced with the academic curriculum so that every student gets the opportunity to learn beyond studies. Co-curricular activities help students to develop social and intellectual skills. FIA supports students who find a particular activity interesting and can pursue their career in that field. These activities such as music, art, drama, sports and defense are one more reason to choose FIA. The addition of Co-curricular activities has helped the students to learn efficiently. Students learn a lot about different cultures and their values through various events. FIA promotes such activities in school which helps students to enhance communication skills, sense of expression and public speaking.