Admissions open for AY 2023-24 sessions for Residential, Sports, JEE/NEET Academy and Defence Academy from Grade I - XII (Science and Commerce).

Fort International Academy

CBSE Affiliated Senior Secondary School. Affiliation No - 1130098

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Boys Hostel
The basic purpose behind the establishment of boys hostel is to accommodate the students. The required educational environment can be visualized at FIA. The boys are also provided with various infrastructural facilities for better performance. At FIA they understand the value of co-operation and discipline when they live together. The teachers will be having keen supervision over the hostel affairs. All the work is done by students themselves so they become more confident and self-reluctant. Noteworthy projects are allotted to the students to develop in an innovative way. Students learn to inculcate the sense of fellow feelings and friendship amongst them.
Girls Hostel
The biggest advantage of girls hostel at FIA is that they understand the importance of self-determination and disposition. The surroundings of the hostel offer quiet walks in open lush green surroundings inhabited by nature. With its well-constructed building FIA offers an excellent place for academic based activities. The peaceful and congenial environment is ensured to enable them to excel in their studies and personality development. At our hostel students enter a whole new place leaving all your doubts behind and try to acclimatize to the new environment. FIA is tirelessly striving to encourage the students to pursue their aspirations by providing them all possible facilities. They are imbibed with the moral values besides academic education. A caring atmosphere can be cognized at FIA. They learn to introspect and reflect, developing lasting impressions while remaining grounded to root values.
Hygienic mess and dining
FIA focuses on the ethos of the school to provide sumptuous and nutritious food for their students. The food is cooked in a clean and hygienic way, rich in nutritional value keeping in mind the appealing taste. The holistic growth of children can be acquired through proper diet and hygienic food. Safety will be the first and foremost priority of FIA when it comes to health. We ensure every student are supposed to be fit and healthy. A cleanliness inspection is adhered by the Principal to take necessary measures. FIA is committed in making appropriate menu which is nutritious at the same time follow the norms of etiquettes and services.